‘Maybe in Another Life’ Becomes Now

Susan Van Wie Kastan and Reeves Gabrels are to be hitched Jan. 7 in Saratoga Springs, N.Y. The Rev. Euphoria Burke, an interfaith priest, is to direct at her home.


The lady of the hour, 62, will take her better half’s name. She is an advertising correspondences specialist in Troy, N.Y. She was likewise a supporter of “Charitable Foundations: New Scholarship, New Possibilities,” (Indiana University Press, 1999). She moved on from Dartmouth and got a graduate degree in history and instruction from Columbia.

She is a girl of the late Mary Van Wie Johnson and the late J. Allen Van Wie, who lived in Troy. The lady of the hour’s dad was the proprietor J. A. Van Wie Insurance, an autonomous protection office that was in Troy. Her mom was the clerk for her better half’s protection office.

The prepare, 61, has been a guitarist in the British option musical crew the Cure since 2012. He likewise has his own particular band, Reeves Gabrels and His Imaginary Friends, and discharged a collection, “Nonexistent Friends Live,” in October. Before joining the Cure, he had a long-term joint effort with the late David Bowie, with whom he functioned as a guitarist, co-essayist, co-maker and melodic chief. Ms. Kastan is the business director for her better half.

He is the child of the late Claire Rettle Gabrels Griggs and the late C. Winston Gabrels, who lived in Bethel, N.Y. His dad was a tugboat turn in New York Harbor for McAllister Towing, a marine towing and transportation organization in New York. His mom resigned as a secretary for a judge on the Sullivan County Court, in Monticello, N.Y. The prep is likewise the stepson of the late Lawrence L. Griggs, who likewise lived in Bethel.

The lady of the hour’s past two relational unions finished in separate, as did the prepare’s two.

The couple met in 1998, when both were perusing the verse segment at a book shop on Union Square, in New York. They struck up a discussion, soon moved to the book shop’s bistro, and afterward walked around to the Strand looking for a book that Ms. Kastan was wanting to discover.

“We simply discovered our way to a cluster of regular interests rapidly,” Mr. Gabrels said. “When we separated that day, I thought — I don’t think the word ‘marriage’ flew into my head — however I resembled, I extremely like this individual. I need to see her once more.”

They were each hitched to other individuals at the time, however Mr. Gabrels and his significant other were isolated. Be that as it may, both felt the start of something unique in their experience.

“He’s inventive and chivalrous and he’s the sort of fellow who dependably says, ‘I think about what might happen whether … ,'” Ms. Kastan said. “Furthermore, he has this extraordinary capacity to chuckle or apologize, or distribute the outcomes, and it turns into a melody.”

Mr. Gabrels says Ms. Kastan is from numerous points of view what he isn’t, composed and straight, for instance, thus they supplement each other.

“I think more like a harmony, where it’s a pile of notes, and Susan thinks more like a song, where there’s a solitary way,” he said. “It’s continually intriguing on the grounds that we reach a similar conclusion yet we land at it in various ways.”

In any case, that minute in 1998 was not the ideal time for the two. Mr. Gabrels wound up accommodating with his significant other and afterward moved to Los Angeles. Ms. Kastan, who was then in doctoral examinations, additionally restored her concentration to her own family.

“We just really delighted in the discussion and the scholarly start, and we kind of documented it under, ‘possibly in another life,'” Ms. Kastan said.

They dropped distant.

A long time later, in 2006, Mr. Gabrels, now living alone in Nashville, was spending his evenings looking through a huge number of messages that had collected in an old email account. He ran over one from Ms. Kastan that had been sent about a year sooner, not an individual note but rather reporting another email deliver to every one of her contacts.

He sent her a message instantly. She reacted, and in simply that concise correspondence, the two found that regardless they had much in like manner. She was presently separated and he was isolated and during the time spent separating, and both had as of late experienced the demise of their moms.

Inside half a month, the two had their first date. It was in Asheville, N.C., a four-hour drive from Nashville and about a similar separation from the family wedding she was to go to in Durham, N.C. They met on a Sunday morning, had flapjacks in a railroad-auto burger joint, and investigated the city’s places of worship and displays.

A couple of months after the fact, after a few all the more long-separate dates, Ms. Kastan chose to move to Nashville.

“What the hell!” she said. “You don’t get another opportunity or a third shot that regularly!”

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